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(SERBIA) Marija Tosovic (b. 1975) sitting in front of photos of her husband Bozina Tosovic (b.1969) and daughter Bojana who were both killed in a cluster attack on Merdare in the municipality of Kursumlija, Serbia the the night between April 11 and 12, 1999. Photo: (Photo: Jelena Vicentic/Norwegian People's Aid)

Marija and Bozina were awoken by detonations and ran out of the house in the direction of the shelter, some 200m from the house. They were intercepted by the “cluster rain”, as Marija remembers it. Bozina was holding Bojana in his arms, trying to shelter her. They were both killed instantly. Marija, who was pregnant, was seriously traumatized. She suffered several superficial injuries caused by the cluster fragments and detonations, and she spent the following three months in hospital, giving birth to a healthy baby girl on June 18, 1999. She is living in the same village today, with daughter Angela, now 7. Marija says that not one day passes without remembering the tragic event and that the news of the further and more extensive use of cluster munitions that she hears on TV seem to “bring back the entire trauma, anger and the fear of that night, since it’s impossible to distance yourself from all those other mothers that are or will be losing their babies”.

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