Cedomir Dinic

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(SERBIA) Cedomir Dinic (77 at the time) was working in his garden in Pantelej, a suburb of Nis, on May 28th 1999 when he found a cluster bomblet after an earlier attack. He picked it up and carried it to the only desolate place he could think of – a space behind the nearby railroad. He threw it away and the bomb exploded upon impact. He got numerous injuries on the face, hands, torso and leg, and his hearing got damaged by the explosion (90%). (Photo: Jelena Vicentic/Norwegian People's Aid)

Cedomir had no idea what the thing he had bumped into was. He explains: “During Second World War, I was in all frontlines in the Balkans. I’ve seen all kinds of weapons and bombs. This did not look like a bomb!”
He suffered the worst the injury to his leg. The fragments caused massive tissue and bone damage. The leg was not amputated upon his request, which caused further complications. He has spent approximately 4 months a year in hospital every year since 1999.
“What hurts the most is that those were ally bombs. We freed this country together 60 years ago! I was in all the dangerous places in the IIWW, and I never ran into an enemy bullet. To live to be 77 and injured by allies?!?”

©Jelena Vicentic/Norwegian People's Aid. This photo can be downloaded for free by NGOs that are members of CMC and by media.
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