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(SERBIA) This photo of Miroslav Maksic (born 1986) was taken shortly before he stumbled upon British BL755 cluster bomblets in the village of Bogdanovac in Southern Serbia on August 6, 1999, while playing and grazing cattle with his friend Nikola Stojanovic. He picked one of them up, intrigued by its shape. Then he threw it away and it exploded, killing him instantly and causing severe injuries to Nikola. The Maksic family is still traumatised by the event and terrified by the fact that cluster bomblets are still lying on the ground at the place where Miroslav was killed. (Photo: Private)

©Private. This photo can be downloaded for free by NGOs that are members of CMC and by media. The family have asked to be informed before use. Please contact Jelena Vicentic at jelena@npa.org.yu
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