Ali Oussama Joumaa’

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(LEBANON) Ali Oussama Joumaa’ is 11 years old. On 4 September, two weeks into the ceasefire, he was in the streets near his family’s house in Houmin El, Fawka, when he and his three cousins found many unexploded cluster submunitions. “They were everywhere around us. We knew that they were dangerous and we went to report them, but I fell and my hand hit one. It exploded and my hand was badly injured,” says Oussama. He was lucky not to have been more seriously injured, as cluster submunitions are designed to kill. When we met him at the Ragheb Harb Hospital on 6 September 2006, his mother Samia Alloush sat at his bed side, watching, fretting and wondering how she will get all of her kids to the other end of this nightmare in one piece. (Photo: John Rodsted/Norwegian People's Aid)

©John Rodsted/Norwegian People's Aid. This photo can be downloaded for free by NGOs that are members of the CMC and by media.
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