Mohamad Ismail Jaffal

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(LEBANON) Another man has been brought into Jabal Amel hospital in Tyre in Southern Lebanon after another accident with a cluster submunition, on 10 September. Mohamad Ismail Jaffal (36) is unconscious and in intensive care. We meet his wife, brothers and friends and the story begins to unravel. Mohamad is a fisherman and last night he was bringing in his catch when he pulled up a cluster submunition in his net. He reached to free it and it exploded. His right hand is gone and he has massive injuries to his head, torso and lungs. His survival is not guaranteed. The next few days will tell. His wife is beside herself with grief. It’s not just the grief a wife feels for her husband but the grief one feels when your whole life is unravelling in front of your eyes. The crippling of the one you love, the loss of the bread winner for the family, the destruction of a father and lover. All this comes to one family who happens across a cluster submunition. (Photo: John Rodsted/Norwegian People's Aid)

©John Rodsted/Norwegian People's Aid This photo can be downloaded for free by NGOs that are members of the CMC and by media.
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