Nis, Serbia on May 7, 1999

(SERBIA) In a street neighbouring the main market place in the Serbian city of Nis, this man was killed when the area was hit with cluster bombs with BLU-97 submunitions on May 7, 1999 (Photo: Kostadin Kamenov) More: Kostadin Kamenov is a professional photographer working for the Serbian daily newspaper Blic. He was an eyewitness and the first photographer at the scene of the cluster attack at Nis, Serbia on May 7, 1999. The pictures were taken at the Anete Andrejevic and Sumatovacka Street (streets neighbouring the town's main market place - Gradska pijaca). The attack took place at 11.20AM on Friday, May 7, 1999. Kostadin was cruising the town centre (he was on duty, taking pictures of all damages caused by air strikes within the county of Nis), when he heard the detonations in the vicinity of the market place. He rushed there, and as he claims, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw so many dead and injured lying on the streets. He took the camera and did his job, unaware of the fact that many unexploded cluster bomblets were still lying around. He was escorted from the scene by the explosive ordnance disposal teams shortly after.

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