Cveta Djekovic

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(SERBIA) Cveta Djekovic lives in the village Samajla in Kraljevo, Serbia. More than seven years after the bombing campaign over her country, her property is still contamined with duds from cluster bombs. One of her worries is that she is not able to use the forest for gathering of fire wood, out of fear for the lethal duds. When Zoran Markovic from the Serbian Mine Action Centre came to her village and moved around on her property with a detector, she was encouraged and thought that this meant that it was not so dangerous after all, and that maybe she could go into the forest as well. Zoran tried to explain to her that she could still not enter the forest, until a proper clearance operation had been carried out. When that will happen, no one still knows. (Photo: Grethe Østern/Norwegian People's Aid)

©Grethe Østern/Norwegian People's Aid. This photo can be downloaded for free by NGOs that are members of the CMC and by media.
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