Nis, Serbia on May 7, 1999

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(SERBIA) On May 7 1999 Niš, the third largest city in Serbia, was bombed by aircrafts carrying cluster bombs. The toll of the cluster bomblets spreading across the area of the town’s market place and the four neighbouring streets, as well as the area around city hospital was 14 dead and 46 injured. Vladimir Zaharjasevic (70), was working for the town’s agency for reconstruction and documenting the damages on the town’s infrastructure. By chance, he was an eyewitness to the May 7th attack and took this photo. (Photo: Vladimir Zaharjasevic)

©Vladimir Zaharjasevic This photo can be down-loaded for free by NGOs that are members of CMC. Please send a note to Jelena Vicentic at to inform the photographer before use. Media cannot download this photo without contacting to request permission first.
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